We're able to repair virtually any mobile device! Whether it's a smartphone, tablet or laptop The Fone Guy have got you covered!

Smartphone & iPhone Repair

We repair all smartphone components and cover a range of models including Samsung Galaxy, IPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more!

  • Broken or cracked screens
  • USB Ports
  • Microphone ports
  • Reception issues
  • Housing replacement
  • Unlocking

Tablets & iPads

Damaged your tablet? No problem, we carry a wide range of original parts with the expertise to repair your device back to it's original condition. We're able to repair virtually any tablet model and even kindle readers!

  • Broken or Cracked LCDs
  • Charging ports
  • Screen sensitivity issues
  • Battery replacements

Laptops & Macbooks

Much of our work and school life is dependent on our laptops. Don't get stuck with a broken device. We'll replace and repair any component that's causing issues with your laptop or Macbook. We can even conduct a software diagnostic before installing your operating system and any necessary software.

  • Overheating
  • Battery life problems
  • Water damage
  • Motherboard and hard drive replacement
  • Hardware upgrades


The front-facing camera captures images and video and can even be used for security applications. Issues may arise if the camera lens is dirty or damaged.


Touch screen smartphones, iPads and laptops have motion sensor that are concealed by an LCD screen. These components are responsible for the navigation and visuals.


Your charging port is essential for battery life! It's also necessary for data transfer and some devices even use the same port for audio attachments.

mobile repair dynamic image samsung s8


Microphone's can become faulty if dust or water penetrates the device. Luckily they can easily be repaired or replaced!


Most of your Smartphone or Tablet's function can be access through the devices software, but external button are essential for convenience and easy navigation.

GPS Antenna

Almost every smartphone has a GPS antenna. This component is responsible for location functions and phone-call reception.


We'll do everything we can to repair your device as conveniently as possible!