Tablet Repairs Near Me

Schedule a repair with a tablet repair technician and save yourself a trip to the repair shop! We carry the parts and tools to repair your device at any location in the Toronto area. Our team is fully certified handle tablets from manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple (iPad), HTC, Acer and other popular brands!

Some of the most common hardware issues with tablets...

Our technicians are able to repair virtually any Android device, though some of our repair requests are more frequent than others.

Speaker & Microphone

If you're experiencing difficulties with your tablet's audio, we can replace test and replace the damaged components.

Broken Heaphone Jack

Damaged your Tablet's headphone jack/port? No worries, we carry the original parts to fully replace your headphone jack back to new.

Cracked Screen

It's a common mishap to drop and damage your device's screen. We carry original LCD and motion sensors replacements for all major tablet brands including android and apple devices.

Reception & Connectivity

Is your tablet experiencing weak wifi connection? Often times a loose or faulty antenna may cause problems with your mobile reception. Luckily we offer solutions to fix your reception!

Battery/Charging Port

Is your tablet having issues such as a weak battery, overheating or slow charging with your? Your device battery or charging port may be defective and in-time for a replacement.

Water Damage

If you've spilled or dropped your tablet device in water, we can clean corrosion as well as repair and replace the damaged parts.


See what customer across Toronto are saying about our Tablet repairs.
  • I called The Fone Guys for my cracked Samsung Galaxy screen. I was at work and they sent someone to my location in Richmond Hill. The full screen replacement took about 2 hours and they delivered the device to my office.
    Michael Koslov
  • Daughter dropped and broke my iPad tablet. The entire screen was shattered and I was devastated. A friend referred me to The Fone Guys and after a phone call they sent a technician to my house for the next day. I had my device repaired within 2 hours of meeting the gentleman. Overall I was very satisfied with the service and quality of work. Thanks Fone Guys!
    Elnaz Tabrizi