On-Site Apple Repairs in Toronto (GTA)

Don't have a Apple Care for your device? No problem, we carry the components to repair your iPad or iPhone. Contact us and we'll send a mobile technician to your location!

Common hardware issues with Apple devices...

We carry original Apple parts and are fully licensed to repair your iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Our prices are also highly competitive compared to Apple's repair service and other device shops.

Broken Heaphone Jack

Damaged your iPhone, iPad or Macbook's headphone jack? No problem we'll thoroughly inspect your device and repair or replace the damaged headphone component.

Cracked Screen

Accidentally cracked your iPad or iPhone screen? We'll replace your display back to new with an original Apple LCD.

Speaker & Microphone

Experiencing audio issues with your iPhone, iPad or Macbook? Our technicians can fully replace your Apple device's speaker and microphone port.

Reception & Connectivity

Often faulty hardware may cause problems with iPhone's your mobile reception. Similar issues are also common in WIFI adapters for iPads and Macbooks. Ask us about inspecting your product for reception problems.

Water Damage

For any water damage our recommendation is to immediately shut off the device and place it in a cool dry environment. If you're still experiencing issues we can open your Apple device to clean the corrosion and replace any damaged parts.

Battery/Charging Port

Experiencing issues such as a weak battery, overheating or slow charging times with your iPhone, iPad or Macbook? Extend your Apple device's lifetime by replacing it's battery component.


See what customer are saying about our Apple repairs. Each month we fix hundred of Apple devices across Toronto.
  • Dropped and cracked my iPhone 7 screen. I called The Fone Guys and they picked up the iPhone from my condo in downtown Toronto. The phone was fully repaired in about 2 hours and they even dropped it off for me at work! Awesome repair service!
    Kristina Makinsky
  • I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that a technician would come to my house in Mississauga to replace my charging port. He replaced the charging port for a great price. The entire process was very convenient! I would definitely recommend The Fone Guys if you're seeking a phone repair in Toronto.
    Melissa Iafano